Kundalini yoga classes @ Yoga Tree - 2024

Saturday 12.30-1.30pm

Thursday 7.30-8.30pm

Classes are £18 per person

Or monthly membership of £45

Get Emotionally Strong

Truly Heal from Narcissistic Abuse - The Mini Membership

The mini-membership will be the space where I will be running a course on 'How to Truly Heal Holistically from Narcissistic Abuse'.

All workshops and Masterclasses will be held here.

I am populating this group with courses as we speak, and more content will be going up.

To gain access works out £5 based on USD7 per month.

In this Level 1 program we will cover:

What is narcissistic abuse?

What has it done to me physically?

Trauma Bonds, how do I break them?

Self-Sabotage and negative self-talk - Why do I keep doing this?

Post abuse, what happens now?

How narcissistic abuse affects the energetic system - how they are connected.

The energetic system - chakras

Nutrition and Hormonal reset, how these can change not only your physical body but mental and emotional body post abuse

A practical Kundalini yoga chakra clearing session - All chakras combined.

Boundary setting

Meditations for all topics.

A SPECIAL BONUS, OSHO meditation for the chakras

You will also get the chance to be a part of the community, within this group.  

You can help each other, and work towards a wonderful healing journey together.

Let's get you healed.

£7.00 Per Month (Price in USD)

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