Kundalini yoga classes @ Yoga Tree - 2024

Saturday 12.30-1.30pm

Thursday 7.30-8.30pm

Classes are £18 per person

Or monthly membership of £45


The mini-membership is excellent for people who want to make a start and can't afford to pay 1:1 prices. They are also really good if you struggle with finding time in the day, due to busy schedules and children runs.  

The mini membership addresses all challenges experienced by someone trying to overcome narcissistic abuse.  

There are individual topics that you would need to work through. For each topic there are exercises, kriya (energetic exercise to remove stuck energy). There are also meditations to help you process the pain each topic may contain in your life.

At only $7 per month, you can cancel these at any time. You can rejoin as often as you wish too.

The difference with the mini-membership and 1:1 is that the memberships are not personalised and therefore generic ( one size fits all). If you wanted a more personal healing experience, then you would need to explore perhaps payment plans for the 1:1. Simply ask Katrina, she will have a payment plan that can be tailored to your finances.

The short answer is by changing the relationship that you have towards yourself to one of unconditional self-love. The self love that you don't need anyone's approval over. When you are able to get to this point, it is safe to say you are healed, because the love you have for yourself will mean, you won't question the actions of your abuser.  

How do you break the trauma bonds? Many go for counselling and therapy. Yes, these have had good results. However, you may still feel the same, as it takes a conscious effort to keep strong inside.  

Here at Kundalini with Katrina, we don't need to know your complete backstory. It can bring up more trauma and pain. We are all about healing. So, you have a 1:1 session with me that will address each chakra through Kundalini yoga, and Katrina will guide you through your healing journey. You may experience a shift immediately, or it may take some time. But, when our energetic system shifts, our emotions, mind and perspective shifts too. Through your sessions, you should develop more love and acceptance for yourself, hence putting your self-value and love at uttermost priority. When this happens, the shift from trauma bonds changes to unconditional self-love.

Yes, they are. The positive and negative feedback you're receive from your abuser will make you feel like you are not enough, not deserving. You then work hard to keep the peace and gain approval, which will feel like a reward. This reward gives you a high, because your abuser will then treat you like you are his/her princess. The highs and lows of the relationship are what can cause the addiction. This makes it extremely difficult to leave the abuser, because he/she knows what strings to pull to get you back.  

When we have been narcissistically abused, there is usually something deeper that connects to lack of self-esteem, lack of self-love and possibly even experiencing abuse and trauma as a child, or even family or generational trauma. All of our insecurities on a subconscious level cause us to have lower vibrations. When we vibrate at a lower level, we attract more of those vibrations into our system and life experience. Therefore healing has to take place at a subconscious level. Here at Kundalini with Katrina, it is the use of Kundalini yoga chakra clearing that does all of this for you. It will work on clearing your energetic system, which affects how you vibrate by healing your internal wounds. These wounds are aspects of ourselves that we truly haven't forgiven or allowed to let go of. They are from our subconscious mind, and therefore, no amount of talking about it will change how you feel.

In order to do my job well, to be present and be of service to each client, I only take on 3 clients a month. That is 3 clients from either the 2-month program, 3-month program, or 4-month program.

This is why this program is considered a 'high ticket' program; quite simply, it is tailored to whatever your needs are. It is ‘Relief to Love’ so that you can go from surviving to thriving in your life. Be sure to be clear in your free consultation about what thriving looks like to you, and we will get you there.

Well, then this is a very good place to start! I have worked with clients who can’t move much and struggle with really bad eating habits and lifestyles. Through the 'Relief to Love', not only will we be working on your emotional health, but on your physical health too. If weight loss or getting fit is something you wish to achieve, this can be inserted into your program. Be sure to express this in your free consultation form, or in the consultation itself.

It doesn’t matter where you are. I work with clients from New Zealand, America, Israel, Europe, and Canada but I am actually based in the UK. Calendly and Zoom make all of this possible to interact and translate the timezones for us. It can work.

Online, on Zoom. If you wish to work with me, download the free app on your laptop or android. Please try to use something bigger than a mobile phone! Mobile phones are awkward, but not impossible. If you have to, we can make it work. However, sessions work best done from a laptop or desktop.

The point of the consultation is to first unpack all of your pain. Whilst doing that, I will be sharing with you how my program may work for you. You are completely free at any point in the conversation to declare if you are not interested. Also, it may be that you might not be right for my program so that freedom goes both ways! I am only willing to sell my program to committed clients who want to transform. If I see that you are a fit for one of my programs, we will talk about how the program will work for you. It is still up to you if you want to sign up or not. At any point, you are free to say 'No'.

The FREE consultation will guide you through finding out what is the best plan for you.

Yes, I do. However, 'pay as you go' is not a guarantee of healing you. The programs, whether 2 months or 4 months, contain within them specific tailor-made plans to help you on your very special journey. When you do 'pay as you go', you are literally paying for a Kundalini yoga chakra clearing session or a nutrition session; there is no coaching involved. The 'pay as you go' plan is really designed for those who have completed the 2-4 months program, and wish to keep practicing Kundalini yoga with me regularly.

If you are committed and put your side of the work in, it would be very difficult not to heal. You will be healing on a very deep level, whether that is trauma bonding from a previous relationship, or perhaps childhood trauma. It may be that your healing journey may take longer than estimated based on how much emotional turmoil you may be under. This is why the free consultation is important for me to assess where you are at and to see how my program can help you. If once you are on the program, I feel that you need more time, we can explore extending your program at a lower price.

One 1:1 session lasts 90 minutes, whether that is coaching, Kundalini yoga, or nutrition. Whatever program you are on, you get this once a week. There will be opportunities for me to check in with you up to 2-3 x a week, if necessary. However, the homework I will be giving you to do will benefit your own journey, done in your own time at home. Usually meeting once a week will be sufficient to catch up on progress.

You don’t have to be able to do yoga to join my program! Besides, Kundalini yoga is not your usual Hatha/Vinyasa yoga where you are doing downward-facing dogs or sun salutations. Kundalini yoga is about working on your internal pharmacy, and your energetic storage points (chakras). The movements are repetitive and tailored to your ability. If you are immobile, there are modifications that will work for you. The sessions include vocalisations to create vibrations that help clear blockages. There will also be breath exercises and a lot of shaking and dancing. Again, it is all tailored to your ability.

Yes, I was. I suffered religious abuse growing up which led me to have low self-esteem about myself. This then attracted a narc into my life, whom I was with for 14 years altogether. I understand what it is like to be trauma bonded, as I went back and forth with him for several years. I have also healed myself from this, which now puts me in a place where I can help others to heal in the way that I did.

The programs I run are all about teaching people to value themselves after being abused, having lost the love they have for themselves. Part of doing this is also me valuing myself as a teacher, coach, and healer. In my own healing, I have spent up to £40,000 on education, courses, programs, coaching, and much more to get me to where I am now. All of this combined gives me the knowledge, stamina, resources, and experience to be present and to be able to hold space for my own healing journey. I charge the way I do so that I can continuously upgrade my knowledge and skills to be the absolute best teacher/healer for you. I wouldn’t be where I am without the investment I have made. You get me at my very best because I have been through my own process. You get all of who I am as a teacher, yoga/meditation teacher, coach, healer and my partner as a nutritionist too - all in one at your service. All of this goes towards your transformation. The price you pay is for your transformation. How highly do you rate your transformation, if it means changing your emotional and physical state to one who thrives instead of simply surviving? It is also worth noting that you get the services of two coaches for the price of one (I have been told by several clients that my services are in fact extremely reasonable).

Sure, we can make it work for you. As long as I can see that you are committed to your transformation, I am happy to draw up a payment plan that would work for both of us.

The program will be different based on what your challenges are and what you wish to heal. We would need to have a conversation first to establish your pain and how to make the program fit your needs and finances. Just to give you an idea: I have had a client who had just left a woman’s shelter, and we made the program accessible and affordable for her. On the other scale, I also have a client who pays me a top dollar because she is keen to have 1:1 coaching to heal her pain in the depth that she needs. So, the main point is, that if I can see that you are serious and wish to commit to your transformation, money will not be the issue.

Relief to love is exactly that - It is a 1:1 specific tailored program meeting you at your current space of survival, and bringing you through your own healing journey through Kundalini yoga chakra clearing, nutrition, and coaching to get you to the emotional and physical space where you want to be. Programs run either 4 months, 3 months, or 2 months. Sessions are once a week, with homework personalised to each client’s needs.

Trauma bonds happen due to how we were bonded to the narcissist. Narcissists will make us feel that we can’t trust ourselves and that we need them due to how they treat us. We will feel that without them, we can’t live. When we leave them, there is something pulling us back to getting validation from how they treat us. Trauma bonds heal by improving the relationship with yourself. This is what the program is all about.

Nutrition affects how we feel about ourselves. When we eat well, we feel better about ourselves and look better too. This gives us a better relationship with ourselves, which in turn creates a much more positive outlook on life and the challenges we face. Balancing hormones and nutrients within the body is key to improving our mental wellbeing.

I am not a psychological therapist. The work I do is about helping people change their energies to feel different. This is done through Kundalini yoga chakra clearing and good nutrition. I don’t actually need to know the in-depth details of all your challenges in order to help you. All I need from you is your commitment to your transformation.

Chakras are our energetic centers. We all have them. Emotions are processed within these that manifest physical issues. For instance, when we experience anxiety, our solar plexus chakra processes this. This feels like butterflies in our stomachs. Long-term anxiety can cause us to experience bowel problems, IBS, and constipation, for example.

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