Kundalini yoga classes @ Yoga Tree - 2024

Saturday 12.30-1.30pm

Thursday 7.30-8.30pm

Classes are £18 per person

Or monthly membership of £45

Terms and Conditions


Please note that all programs offered within Kundalini with Katrina are not a medical treatment nor to replace psychological treatment.

Katrina (Kundalini yoga teacher, chakra healer and Holistic Life Coach) will coach you through your program.  Katrina will tailor it to your needs and desires.

Please declare any health, physical or emotional issues before partaking in the program.

Any success on the program depends on how well you partake in it.  It also depends on how often you are able to attend sessions and follow instructions given.

Given the type of programs offered, it is vital that you listen to your body and your emotional needs and declare to your coach anything worrying that arises during your program.

Relief to Love,
Chakra clearing and rebuilding programs

It is about getting you from your current emotional and physical space to where you wish to be.  

The program is structured around chakra clearing and for some, weight loss - if they wish.  Therefore side effects from working on chakras, as seen below, may arise.  

If weight loss is part of your Relief to Love program, the success of your weight loss depends on how often you participate in sessions, on how you follow the instructions and also on the speed of your metabolism. Results may vary.

A BIG part of the program is recognising that sometimes, no change is also change.  It is about learning to be ok with nothing happening too.  When we clear energetic blockages, our impatience that we experience in life can arise and become confronting.  These feelings we get are part of our development.  Therefore, please note there may be periods where you feel as if nothing is happening; this is where learning trust and going along with your process is a massive part of your development.  After all, this is an emotional TRANSFORMATION.  You can’t transform without being confronted with a certain measure of unease.

Please note that these programs are not about a quick fix.  They delve deep into your emotional body and even into inherited trauma and discomfort. Creating space to allow each uncomfortable experience to rise, and then to learn from it, will take time. This is all part of your development.

Please remember that what works for one person does not automatically work for all.  This is why the 1:1 tailored program is specific to you.  It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you do your homework and communicate any challenges directly as they arise.

Individual Hormonal Reset is inclusive in the Relief to Love program

Are inclusive within Relief to Love program.  Should you only wish to sign up to a personalised hormonal reset program, this can be arranged separately.

Payment plans

Full-priced programs which include:

-4 months and 3 months‘Relief to Love’ programs

-The complete chakra healing program

-Hormonal reset programs

Must be paid in halves.  The first half is deposited before booking your first session.  The 2nd half should be deposited half-way through the course.  There is a cooling off period of 5 working days, after which the fee paid thus far is non-refundable.

If you find the program is unaffordable during your initial consultation session, and you show determination to pursue it, you will be able to finance your program with smaller payments towards your plan, which will be collected during every session.

If, at any point, you find yourself unable to continue, any payments already made will be forfeit.  You will, however, get the opportunity to continue your program again in the future, should you wish to do so within 12 months of that date.

Pay as you go sessions

Must be paid in full when booking your session. Due to the nature of these sessions, it is most strenuously advised that you attend at least 3 out of four sessions within a month - this is because incomplete training can create an imbalance in your systems. Therefore, unless you have an emergency reason to do so, I do expect you to attend at least three out of every four sessions in a month. If you do not do this, then I will discontinue your sessions, as this shows a lack of commitment to your transformation. NB I do not accept reasons such as social events, birthdays, parties or holidays, so if you have any holidays coming up soon, please do let me know before starting the programme, and we can then reschedule your start for after your return from holiday.

Monthly Membership of ‘Finding Love After Narcissistic Abuse’ and 'Truly Heal Holistically from Narcissistic Abuse membership program

The membership begins when you make your payment.  The payment that you make at the start of your membership will remain the same, recurring until you choose to cancel.

If you happen to join during a special offer, your monthly recurring payment will remain at the offer price for the lifetime of that particular membership.

Should you cancel your membership, your special offer price discontinues as your membership does.  If you choose to join again, you will join at the standard price.

You may cancel your membership by emailing [email protected]. In the subject headline, state ‘Cancel membership’.  Please give your full name and when you began your membership.   Please allow a week for the cancellation to take place.

There are strictly NO refunds on the monthly online membership program.  Once you sign up, you see the month through, and if you wish to cancel before the next payment, you are free to do so.  However, do expect a week for the cancellation to process, as mentioned above.