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Saturday 12.30-1.30pm

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Classes are £18 per person

Or monthly membership of £45

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About Kundalini with Katrina

Kundalini with Katrina is all about healing from emotional trauma through Kundalini yoga. You may feel that you don't belong, because everyone around you sees the world very differently. Maybe you suffered with abuse from others. Maybe you are even a carer for someone with emotional challenges. Whatever your pain is, Kundalini with Katrina can help you gain inner peace and freedom to be the person you wish.

Whatever your reasons are, and however your life journey has been this far, you are here because you want to improve your life and break free from emotional pain.

Have you ever heard the term, the body always keeps score? I would like you to remember this throughout your time at the website. The body keeps score. You can fool yourself, but not your body!

Kundalini with Katrina helps you break emotional trauma and pain so you can find inner love and avoid repeating patterns damaging to your emotional body - and therefore damaging to your physical body as well. You will usually find when you heal emotionally that your physical body improves too. It's all connected.

Kundalini yoga is all about accessing the energetic centre - the chakra system - to break toxic and damaging patterns whilst creating and establishing new healthy patterns. To learn more about the chakra system, please click here 

Each chakra connects the emotional body to the physical body. This is why when we get scared, we may experience a thud in the heart - that's the heart chakra. When we feel nervous, we experience butterflies in our tummy, and that is the solar plexus chakra.

So, at Kundalini with Katrina, first and foremost we clear and rebuild your energetic system. This is done at a subconscious level.

What is this 'subconscious level'?

Imagine an iceberg, out at sea. You have the conscious thinking mind which is the tip of the iceberg. The tip only consists of between 5-10% of the whole thing. The tip of the iceberg represents your conscious mind. The conscious thinking mind plans your day, works on problem solving, forms the ego - and usually worries excessively. It is that thinking mind that we find ever so challenging to shut off. It doesn't know as much as the subconscious mind does though, so it keeps going around in circles worrying and not getting anywhere.

The rest of the iceberg, 90-95% of which is hidden under the water level, represents the subconscious mind. It connects to the conscious, just as the underwater iceberg connects to the tip. It stores habits, behaviours, values, everything we have ever learned, memories of joy and trauma, memories even before our birth - and of course all family trauma, too.

So if you were able to access the subconscious mind to heal and learn from, how amazing would that be? How intelligent would you be? When we talk about our problems we are only letting off steam and accessing our conscious thinking mind. Nothing changes. However when healing is done on a subconscious level, then anything is possible. This is where Kundalini chakra work comes in.

At Kundalini with Katrina we use Kundalini yoga focusing on the chakras to clear and rebuild the energetic system - the system that processes all of your good and bad emotions. This processing is done on a subconscious level.

What does it look like?

Whether you decide to sign up to the mini/standard memberships or the 1:1, or even group classes we will begin with energetic clearing. This will be all about repetitive movements, meditations, vocalisations and breath work to shift stuck energy within your system.

It's more than just Kundalini though...

Kundalini with Katrina began with the purpose of healing from emotional trauma and pain through Kundalini yoga, as taught by me, Katrina. But recently we expanded our scope, and it is now a place where you don't only heal your emotional pains, but physical pains as well. Do check out 'A little background ', to learn more.

Kundalini with Katrina starts from healing on an energetic level and then goes on to helping people manage their hormones through eating habits and lifestyle.

Many clients in the past came to Kundalini with Katrina not only with emotional issues but physical issues too. Many had lost their self-esteem and found it difficult to lose weight/gain weight and maintain good overall health.

Please check out 'How chakra work heals trauma from narcissistic abuse' to learn about how it works.

Please check out ' A little background ' to learn more about how Kundalini with Katrina began.

If you want to learn about how each package can help you, please click 'Packages'

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