Kundalini yoga classes @ Yoga Tree - 2024

Saturday 12.30-1.30pm

Thursday 7.30-8.30pm

Classes are £18 per person

Or monthly membership of £45

Namaste Everyone

Let's Start Here

If you have come here, it means that either you have suffered emotional turmoil of some sort. Maybe you feel challenged by the neurodivergent world around you. Maybe you are someone who has suffered trauma, abuse and childhood abuse growing up too.

You may be struggling with the ability to find love within, particularly when you don't experience real love from others around you.

  Self-love is the ability to self-soothe, to understand your own boundaries, to know what you want and don't want in life. Self-love is about having strong determination to do what's right for yourself and others close to you.  

Self-love as an analogy is the oxygen mask that you need to fix on yourself before helping even your own child. If you have no more love for yourself, how can you be present in order to help others?

So, when a person has been abused, it usually means that they are in a place of devastation. They don't understand their mind. They are living in a space of fear. All decisions are made from fear and not love. When we act from fear, we make decisions that are not in alignment with our own truths.

Are you:

Someone who suffers from high levels of anxiety?

Someone who suffers insomnia, due to fear?

Someone who gets jealous or possessive easily?

Someone who struggles trusting their gut instinct - always needing approval of others?

Someone who finds it hard to love others?

Someone who alienates themselves from others, because it's just easier?

Someone who people pleases?

Someone who finds it difficult to speak their truth?

Someone who finds it difficult to see things for what they are? Is fear cluttering your perspective?

Someone who desperately wants to have their life back?

Someone who wishes NOT to live in fear constantly?

If you have answered 3 or more of the above as 'yes', than you have come to the right place.

Here at Kundalini with Katrina, it's all about breaking the patterns that cause you to live in fear and build new patterns that help you make decisions from a place of love.

To learn more about how it all works, and how you can begin your healing journey, click here, 'About Kundalini with Katrina'

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