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Classes are £18 per person

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Your Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Katrina Zawawi

Kundalini Yoga teacher, chakra healer, wellbeing facilitator, and founder of Kundalini with Katrina. My life has been rather complex. I grew up in Malaysia, but spent most of my adult life living, studying, and working in the UK. My mother is from the UK, and my father is Malaysian.

Growing up in Malaysia was emotionally challenging. I am dyslexic, and grew up in a rather strict education system, which set me up for failure. I didn't do well at school as a consequence. I was bullied by the primary school teachers for being very slow and a daydreamer. I was also victim to religious abuse at school. We had a primary/junior religious teacher who seemed to enjoy hurting his children. He was definitely narcissistic. It wasn't just this one teacher, there were many who were just like him. The whole educational system let me down.

So, in the hope to improve my life, I went to study Music and Drama, the one area that I was talented and thrived in. I used to lose myself in singing, acting and dancing. So, I began my life as a student in London at the age of 20.

Pursuing my dream in acting and music was extremely challenging, and the amount of setbacks and rejections I got were already fuelling very low self-esteem. I suffered depression from this (undiagnosed), as I still managed to keep going. To me, I was in a different country, so I needed to be good. I would keep my emotions to myself. I kept a lot of things to myself. That wasn't good.

I then attracted a narcissist into my life. He seemed really nice and loving at the time. However, I felt something inside me was wrong, and I actually did want to end our relationship in the early days. But, I was too scared to do so. I ended up talking myself into marrying him, and accepting that this is as good as it gets. A very quiet part of me said, 'Are you sure? you are walking on eggshells'. I had to remind myself that not all relationships are perfect, and he loved me. This wasn't enough in the end.

Through my own practices of raising my own vibrations, through Kundalini yoga, Chi Kung, meditation and nutrition - I felt a shift happen in me. I was still with him, but I felt different. I went from being jobless to getting a good job at the local college. I also upgraded my qualifications to beginning a Master's degree in Autism. I also attracted the right partner - even whilst still being with my husband. It became evident that I had to jump ship, as terrified as I was. My energies had been upgraded. So, I left him and never looked back.

Life is amazing now. It has gone from fantastic to amazing, despite the pandemic.

I went from being not employed to working as a lecturer at the local college. I specialised in Autism (my brother is on the spectrum - so my interest is high here).

I went from being with a narcissist to now being with my twin flame (Edward - who is our Plant-Based nutritionist)

I went from lecturing in the UK to running my own Yoga and Wellbeing centre in Kuching, Borneo

I got my 500 hours Kundalini yoga teacher training from India - where we were trapped in Rishikesh during the pandemic initial lockdown (that's another story!)

I am now back in the UK, working from home to help others who wish to upgrade their lives too.

Although my niche is focused on people who suffered narcissistic abuse, I am opened to helping other people who simply wish to better their lives, and are ready to do so.

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